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Welcome to Journey of the Heart Ministries.  I am Rev. David Denham, a minister and consultant.  I am an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ, and a specialist in community building as an intervention for persons with disabilities.  I am passionate about healthy relationships, social justice, and supporting people with disabilities to make their own choices.

A model in ministry for me has been Henri Nouwen, whose words spark the name of this ministry.  Nouwen  was a Dutch priest who wrote distinctively about healthy relationships and the characteristics of authentic community.  Nouwen wrote about our common human vulnerability as seeding for building better personal lives and for bonding within community.  Nouwen lived his latter years at LíArche Daybreak in Toronto, Canada, a community for people with and without disabilities.

I hope that you will find in Journey of the Heart Ministries elements to foster whole relationships and whole community.  Do you need a holistic approach to your wedding or holy union?  Do you need a holistic approach to asking and probing the big spiritual questions about your life?  Do you need a community oriented approach as a person with a disability or for supporting someone close to you, who has a disability?  Are you a couple seeking ways to deepen your communication to affirm each otherís goodness, and to build upon your and your partnerís vulnerabilities?

If any of these questions are important to you, I invite you to remain here a little longer.  Click the topic(s) that capture your attention.